Print of Rhapsody in Blue

Prints with back page describing the work, printing technique & paper, artist note & biography (8 x 10”): $50
Signed 8″ by 10” Print* Watercolour
View from Snug Cove, Bowen Island, looking toward Dorman Point, the North Shore Mountains & Howe Sound.
Original: 10 by 13 inches, 2023
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Silk Purse Arts Centre, West Vancouver
Snug Cove & Artisan Square, Bowen Island, BC
The Ruddy Emporium
Tosh Home and Garden
The Hearth Gallery

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This piece represents Howe Sound in the early spring. The view is of Dorman Point from Snug Cove. Winds are high, clouds are flying, blues are intense with a dynamic, bright, and rapidly changing atmosphere.

Giclee Print*
Created by WetINK Fine Art Printing, Hahnemuhle, German Etching paper, heavyweight (310 grams per square metre), 100% cotton, & acid-free, was chosen to represent the original watercolour’s texture & colours. The edges are hand-torn to bring out
that texture. This giclee print stands apart from all others due to its extremely high level of quality, longevity, and value. Enjoy!